Ratified by all charter members as of Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 07:50:56 PM PDT.

Charter members. The persons who ratified the first version of this Code are the Club's charter members. Charter membership implies no authority or other benefits. Charter members are initially also provisional members.

Provisional members. A provisional member may vote on applications for membership. They are expected to become an ordinary member as soon as they can, by successfully applying for membership just as a non-member would.

The Club's patron saint. Paul Rose exemplified our values and goals. He was not a member of the Club, but is its patron saint.

The Club shall maintain a Register of the following:

  • Songs deemed to be obscure, either by successful application for membership by a non-member or by successful nomination to the Register by a member.
  • Songs performed as part of an application for membership or nomination to the Register which were considered by the witnessing members to not be obscure.

The Register shall record the date of each addition, the person who performed the song, and the names of the members who approved or disapproved it.

Application for membership

A non-member or provisional member may become a member by singing an obscure song.


A membership application must take place either

  • in public, or
  • before an unrestricted number of non-members.

Examples of acceptable audiences include that at a piano bar or other open mic venue, that at a concert or show in which the applicant is performing, and that at a private party or other private event which includes many non-members.

A membership application must be witnessed by

  • at least three members, and
  • at least three non-members.


  • The song may not be on the Register.
  • It must be plausible that the song could have become well-known if its circumstances had been different, or that it might become well-known in the future. That is, the song must have been published, performed or recorded for the public, or its writer(s) must have written other well-known songs.
  • This Code does not define obscurity. Members shall define obscurity among themselves in the course of judging applications for membership.


  • The applicant must perform the song from memory.
  • The applicant must perform the song to the same standard of musical skill and polish with which they would perform any other song in a similar venue. They need not display any particular level of academic or professional skill.

Approval. Following the performance of the song, all members present must vote whether the performance is acceptable and the song is sufficiently obscure and otherwise suitable to be added to the Register as an obscure song. They may discuss with the applicant and with each other. They need not reach a verdict at the venue, but may take a reasonable amount of time to reach a decision.

For the song to be judged obscure,

  • At least three members must judge the song to be obscure.
  • At least 2/3 of members present must judge the song to be obscure.

Registration. Following the decision, the song is recorded appropriately in the Register. If the witnessing members judged the song to be obscure, the applicant then becomes a member of the Club.

Nomination to the Register

A member may nominate a song to be added to the Register by performing it just as if they were applying for membership. Witnessing members then rule on the song and it is recorded appropriately in the Register.

Revision of this Code

This Code may be revised by a 2/3 majority of all members.